Blueberry Muffins

We thought that we’d give him

the gift of a huggin’

so we found us a puffin

all wheezin’ and snufflin’

who said she would help

without chargin’ us nothin’.

She wrapped her wings ’round

and with plenty of huffin’

inadvertently squeezed out

a part of his stuffin’.

It’s only because her nose

was a stuffed ‘un

that saved her from smellin’ those

“blueberry muffins”.

Ha! I bet you were expecting a recipe.


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  1. OH! Such a fun drawing, poem, and photo of Toby! Hey, Toby…could you throw a muffin our way?!?! 😉 😀
    You know I’m all about hugs! 😀 And pup-hugs are THE bestest! Coop gives good kisses, too! (Okay, it’s really just a good lickin’…but we like them and call them kisses!)
    (((HUGS))), PATS, and RUBS!!! 🙂

    • Mom got Honorable Mention in a poetry contest for that one. In addition to a certificate, they offered her the opportunity to purchase a copy of someone reading her poem (and the other winners’ poems) with classical music playing in the background. Ha! The thought of someone reading her poem about a fart to classical music was worth more to her than gold! 😆😆

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