Ohhhh, you can’t say “no”….

Hey Gallagher, are you sure this is how it's done? Of course. They're p'smashios for a reason.

Did you know that pistachios, cashews and mangoes are in the same plant family as poison ivy? Guess why I know this.

Forget pistachios, I’ll just eat shoeberries.


Dream Our World

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out Dream Our World. Literally. You can check it out through inter-library loan at your local library! If you would prefer to have your own copy of Dream Our World, you can order one through my shop, L Bowman Studios.


  1. Oh, gosh and golly! 😮 😦 That’s no fun! 😦
    Better follow Toby’s advice and stick to shoeberries. 😉 😛
    Hope you heal soon! Being rashy is so frustrating and annoying. 😦
    I can relate…in the past I found out I’m allergic to hypoallergenic tape. Fortunately, I rarely have it used on my body.

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