We Want to Help You Succeed!

Mommy is drawn inside of the Ghost Buster symbol

Oh wait, not you. You’re old.

The local technical college has been conducting demonstrations at local libraries introducing the public to their various career programs. I decided to go to one to see what they might have to offer and ask questions about certification requirements. They took one look at me and politely said that they can only help “student aged” people, not a “continuing education” someone such as myself.


Have I told you lately that you’re old? That’s right, I don’t have to. Someone else did.


Dream Our World

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  1. I find this so so SO ridiculous! And I don’t understand it! Grrr 😦 😬
    In theses day and times when jobs and careers can be so uncertain anyone of any age should be able to take classes, get training, learn new things, etc.
    Do they know nothing of how important life experience, existing skills, intelligence, talents, and prior work experience is?!
    Eons ago, I heard a lady (a futurist who studied trends and made predictions) say that by this time in history very few people would work the same job from high school graduation to retirement, like our grandfathers did. She said people today would not only have numerous different jobs, they’d have numerous different careers during their life time. So they would have to get further education, retraining, etc.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️
    PS…Hey, Toby, your Mom and I are not old we are well-seasoned, classic, 25 plus shipping and handling! 😉 😀

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