Snowman Aftermath

Ow, my back! Boys, bring me my pills!
What happened? She's too old to build a snowman. Owie owie owie owie!

Yeah, I’m too old to build a snowman.

Cairn terrier pup standing in snow.

I could have told you that.

So what are we grateful this Thanksgiving? Advil.


Bear Paw Quilt

The weather might might be mild this week, but it will soon be cold again. Protect yourself against chilly evenings and rising fuel costs with this colorful, handcrafted Bear Paw Quilt. Bear Paw Quilt is large enough for a full sized bed but could also be used on a twin or as a throw for the couch. The geometric designs and earthy colors make it a perfect gift for the man in your life.

Bear Paw Quilt and many other fine gifts are available from my shop at L Bowman Studios.

We Want to Help You Succeed!

Mommy is drawn inside of the Ghost Buster symbol

Oh wait, not you. You’re old.

The local technical college has been conducting demonstrations at local libraries introducing the public to their various career programs. I decided to go to one to see what they might have to offer and ask questions about certification requirements. They took one look at me and politely said that they can only help “student aged” people, not a “continuing education” someone such as myself.


Have I told you lately that you’re old? That’s right, I don’t have to. Someone else did.


Dream Our World

If you would like to find out what young puppies do when let loose in the museum of their dreams, pick up a copy of Dream Our World! Inside Biteyand Toby view the world of art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.