B12 and Boys

Boy or Girl

The last doctor I saw thought that my cluster of symptoms might be due to a B12 deficiency. The easiest way to find out if you are deficient is to take some. If you are low, you should feel more energetic. If you’re not, you’ll just pee out the excess.

I picked up a bottle of B12 at the store and took some for several days. Each day brought with it unpleasant stomach cramps but no extra energy. I looked up B12 side effects. Reported incidents were relatively low. For women the most common complaint was shortness of breath. Stomach ailments, however, were almost exclusively listed by men.

This got me thinking about the game of Boy or Girl that Toby and I play where he adamantly insists that I am a boy. Before I was kidding about him knowing something I don’t, but now I’m less and less sure…

You should listen to me more. I know what I’m barking about.


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Boy or Girl

Boy or Girl

My pup Geordie was such a smart guy that I constantly had to come up with games and puzzles to keep him occupied. One thing he really liked was flashcards. He learned the alphabet, familiar words and he even did math. Toby turned out to be more of an active guy preferring to play chase or fetch, so we didn’t use flashcards much after Geordie left.

This weekend, the weather was too rainy to play outside, so I decided to bring out the flashcards. One game Geordie and I would play was Boy/Girl. I would ask him if someone he knew was a boy or a girl, and he would have to touch the correct card to get a treat. It turns out that Toby is really good at this game too – except that when I ask him if mommy is a boy or a girl, he insists I am a boy. Geordie did too. Both dogs are adamant that I am a boy. It makes me wonder: what do they know that I don’t (and do I need to notify the DMV)?

Duh, of course I know things you don’t!


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