We Need a New Name

I think we need a new name for this month.  It used to be that October was a chilly time,  unique in its crisp, colorful way.  With temps now a good 15-20 degrees above normal, it is more like August. The plants have come back to life.  The bees are active and cranky.  The humans still wear beach-style clothing.  No, I think we should call this month Augtober.  It seems more fitting.

Honey bee climbing on clover.

Cranky bees.

Violet blooming in Fall.

Flowers think it is Spring.


If there is anything you would like to buy from my store, checkout will be easier now than in a month.  Unfortunately business has not been good this year, so I am having to downgrade to a more cumbersome, two step checkout method. The shop is Needful Things of Salem.  I have a little something for everyone!


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No Dignity When It’s Hot

Cairn terrier sleeping upside down in undignified pose.

I have seen pictures of “cat thermometers” where the more the kitty is stretched out, the hotter the temperature.  If you have a pup, the more absurd the sleeping position, the hotter it is.  As you can see, we clearly were having unreasonably warm weather this day.

The mercury in the window thermometer reached over 120 in the sun.  It is rare even in August for that to happen.

Dog Days of Summer – A Poem by Geordie the Dog

Dog Days of Summer

Be careful when you close that
big white fridge door.
I’m lying quite near
on the cool kitchen floor.
I don’t want you dropping
stuff on my poor head.
I’m really alive
though I look like I’m dead.
I’m missing the ice and the snow
and the slush
of Winter as you scoot me around by my tush.
I think that this Summer,
I’ve paid my “heat dues”
Now how ’bout we go on an
Alaskan cruise!!!

Hot Dog 2 (800x600)