Onion Grass

A friend who lives in a different part of the country said she had never heard of onion grass. I thought I would take some pictures of mine to show her what it looks like. Of course I took stinky monster with.

This is onion grass. It is kind of like chives. It inconveniently grows in the middle of lawns, and when you mow, the whole neighborhood smells like an Italian restaurant.

The roots are deeper than you might think, so it’s not easy to pull them out.

As soon as Toby noticed that I was getting rid of the onions, he wanted to help. He would dig around the roots, then try to pull them out with his teeth. What was funny was that he really didn’t like the taste or the smell of the grass. He would snort and sneeze each time he did it.

Mom, are you digging something? Then I want to dig too. Achoo!

No matter where I sat, he had to come right up next to me to dig. He covered me with dirt and filled my boots – but not in a good way.

Not my image.

My mom tells stories of when she was little, and her family bought milk from a nearby farm. She could always tell when the cows got into the onion grass because their milk tasted like onion. I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been with oatmeal.


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