I Win! I Win!

Cairn terrier stands over slain toy


Mom thought she beat me with that training collar thingie, but I outsmarted her.  She told me I am not supposed to bark, so instead I now groan and howl and sing and talk and yodel…anything but bark.  And since I am not barking, she can’t say anything.  Ha!  I win!


Thinking of doing some holiday shopping early? Come to L Bowman Studios for some of the cutest Christmas-themed note  cards around.  Why are they so cute?  My boys are on them, of course!

Waiting for Santa

The note cards are 4.25 x 5″ and are made of heavyweight card stock.  Envelopes included!




Statue of Mary outside of a church.

Today I had to go to the dentist for a broken tooth.  I am grateful that it was only a stress fracture and easy to correct.  I am also grateful that my dentist is still in business and able to help patients. As a bonus, I got to tell some people about my paintings and hand out a few cards.  That was nice.

I know my gratitude is self-centered, but at least I am trying.

Back end of Cairn terrier sticks out from under the bed.

Her day may have been nice, but mine sucked.  During the part of the evening where I like to bark insanely at top volume, I found myself with a training collar strapped to my neck!!  When I barked, Mom yelled, “Quiet” and made the collar beep.  This happened twice.  I was so upset that I threw myself into my kennel and stayed there.  Harrumph.  If I can’t bark, I don’t even want to look out the door.

– Toby (the most put upon doggie in the entire world) Sad Emoji

Cairn terrier sleeping in kennel.

Don’t look at me.  I’m unhappy.


If you would like to see what Bitey and Toby have been up to, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  Inside, the boys run, unsupervised, through the Museum of the Imagination and view the world of art from  canine perspective.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon and from my website.