Friends and Family Helping Out

At our age, we have to be careful about not breaking a hip.

You are healing pretty fast for someone as old as you are.

Sad woman staands alone.

Is she going to start crying like Lucy again?  It's best to be prepared just in case.


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Come see what the boys have been up to at The Museum of the Imagination!  They have been running loose for months, looking at artwork and having a grand time in Dream Our World (and in a real museum).

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.




  1. Thank you for the explanation yesterday! I understand now!

    About the friends and family…, they’re just happy to have another member of the old people’s club. Take it for face value and move on. They’re sucking you into a kinship; don’t fall for it. As long as you’re not hanging out in God’s Waiting Room (aka Florida) then I’m sure you’re fine.
    I read something many years ago, probably spoken by an old hippie from the vernacular used. It was “don’t let the turkeys get you down”. As well meaning as those folks might be, they just might be turkeys in disguise.

    Take it easy, my friend.

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