My Boys Help Out

Wow, look at you!  We decidded to help you while you're hurt.  See?  I brought you a bowl of kibble.

And I am going to fix your hair for you.

Punk is still "in", isn't it?

I have found that invalid hair and Covid hair are pretty much the same thing.  A wreck.  So happy to get to look bad two years running!


If you are looking for a special gift for an upcoming occasion, consider giving  pet portrait!

L Bowman Studios

I work in a variety of mediums and have something for nearly every budget.  Stop by L Bowman Studios and see for yourself.

Coming soon, I will be offering note cards with some of my more popular pictures!




  1. Okay, against my better judgement I’ll ask…
    first: is it “in-va-LID hair (as in handicapped)
    or is it
    second: “in-VA-lid (as in not legitimate/not valid)
    Or both?!!!
    And finally:
    What do either of these words/definitions have to do with hair???
    Call me slow…, but I just don’t get it.
    It’s like this is your ‘cow tools’ cartoon of The Far Side cartoon, except there are words.

    @ ALIEN RESORT: the cat? What cat? I’ve had four cats and they typically couldn’t be arsed to look at most of what their humans find worthy of attention. Terriers (go-to-ground and farm dogs) on the other hand, will kick hiney and not even need a reason. Gotta love all God’s creature for their innate self!

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