National Doughnut Day


You know how salad gets all brown and slimy after a couple of days?  Yes...

You know what doesn't?  What?


But I thought you liked salad.  NOT for breakfast!

Happy National Doughnut Day!


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  1. Make that a fourth voice in the chorus of pro-Toby!
    Toby, strike a compromise. Just eat carrots 🥕 like my Sweet Baboo. She eats about 2 pounds of organic, chopped carrots a week, then skip the brown, slimy, pukey salad (I added the ‘pukey’ part) and then it’s DOUGHNUT TIME!!!
    I’m singing the tune now from when Brian the dog from Family Guy sings it’s peanut butter and jelly time! Whoo-hoo!!!

  2. Can we agree on spelling? I vote for DONUTS! But if you like DOUGHNUTS that’s OK too. As long as there are plenty of….(fill in spelling of your choice.) Right, Toby, Tobi, Tobee, Tobey, Teauxbea?

    Come to think of it, I wonder if this is a regional thing like coke vs pop vs soda? Hmmm…must investigate.

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