Blue Loo

Hey, it looks like youi got a little something on your face.  Yeah, you too, but I know what'll fix it!
She'll never know what we did.  We're too clever for her!
Should I be worried?
Blue Loo

I can’t wait to get inside and wash off.

Toby got what will hopefully be his last bath from me today. Why the last? This dog is like the Tasmanian devil when it comes to grooming. After yet another bite, I decided it was time to look for a groomer. I had been avoiding groomers because of my allergies. I have problems with fragrances and with parabens. I have no idea if I will be lucky enough to find someone who uses products that I can tolerate. If not, this might end up being Toby’s last bath ever. Gross.

(In real life the toilet lid is kept down when not in use, so Toby can’t wash his face whenever he wants to.)


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  1. Oh, my! 😮 HA! Always trying to sneak one over on Mom! 😉 😀
    Talk to different groomers and ask questions and tell them your concerns. We had one groomer that used a really strong perfumey-flowery smelling shampoo. Our current groomer doesn’t. I prefer the subtler softer just-clean smell. And I don’t think macho Coop likes smelling like a flower garden! 😉 HA! 😛
    PATS and RUBS!!!

  2. I always wondered who bought that blue stuff for toilets. Now I know. We usually give the groomer the shampoo and conditioner that we want used on His Majesty. Max currently uses one from Amazon that has a light cherry blossom fragrance and a fragrance free conditioner. I, on the other hand, just use a bar of soap.

  3. What shampoo and conditioner do you use? I personally use a product line that’s fragrance free (which is not the same as unscented – – don’t be fooled), paraben free, gluten free, preservative free, etc. I’m sure whatever you use on yourself would be safe on your dog. Just have the groomer keep it out of his eyes. Or maybe just buy a muzzle and make the bath quick and efficient and keep bathing Toby at home. Hand stripping a Cairn’s coat would be trying though – – for both you and the dog. I imagine you’ve already invested in grooming scissors, clippers, grooming table, etc., so maybe keep doing at it at home.

    For what it’s worth, I don’t envy you, but I can tell you that I also have a terrier who has a coarse coat that is stripped and yes, my dog does go to a groomer. If you opt for that you’ll really need to find the right person though. Groomers don’t want to be bitten either. We hit it very lucky and found someone who does a proper job, even researched the breed’s grooming standard. If you’re in the dog community or have connections to the dog show world I’m sure you can find someone who is highly recommended. And remember to tip well, plus Christmas bonus. A good groomer is worth it.

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