The Cultivator

I recently got a new garden tool. After using it a few times, I am not sure it can compete with my old one.

First, I try to pull a weed. / Toby is off in his own world.

Then he he stops in order to see what I am doing.

First the left paw…

Then the right…

Then get out of the way, mom, it’s Toby’s turn to work!

What was so interesting about this experience was that Toby watched which weeds I was digging up, then he sought them out and removed them himself. I don’t know if he meant to be helpful or if he thought he was depriving me of the fun of clearing ground, but it sure was great having him around!

I’m a good digger. I know it.


Oil painting of Westie puppy.

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Watch Your Step

Watch your step. Huge hole in the garden!

I keep hoping a deer will fall in the hole and never want to come back to the garden!

It’s tough to get a decent picture of a hole: they are not particularly photogenic.  I hope this picture does justice to the huge hole that Toby dug this afternoon.

More than Geordie, Toby really enjoys being a dog.  He loves digging holes and playing in mud.  He likes chasing birds and catching tennis balls.  Geordie has always been fussy about his demeanor and appearance.  I’ve often said that if life were the TV show Frasier, Geordie would be Frasier and Toby would be Eddie.

Until recently, Toby has been able to get away with being the goofy puppy.  Geordie was more practiced at everything and always led.  Toby could afford to slack off and be the little clown.  Once he realized that the humans knew that Geordie had a problem, though, he immediately stepped up to be such a wonderful, helpful boy.  He pays attention to my moods now.  He is much more patient with things like being groomed.  I hug him often and tell him how much I appreciate all his help, but I don’t want him to stop being my goofy little puppy yet.  As life gets back to normal, I want him to keep misbehaving.

I think today was a good start.

Cairn terrier pup looks between railing.