Recently, Alyssa Milano’s ghost (it had to be her ghost, right? I mean if you catch covid, you automatically die) put out a YouTube video showing her hair falling out in clumps after she had contracted the virus.

Ew, my hair is falling out in clumps! Is it mange? I bet it's mange. But Rapunzel, how will we now climb your tower?

My hair has been falling out by the handful since late last summer. Turns out, hair loss is not a side effect of the virus but of trauma. It could be an emotional or physical injury, but it is natural for hair to stop growing and fall out for several months after an extremely stressful incident.

It looks like my Homicidal Boots have found out yet another way to haunt me. Not only did they make my knees swell up and compound my neck injury (the Bell’s Palsy might be in part because of the head trauma I experienced) they have now made me nearly bald.

Pair of boots sitting on grass.

A friend made me laugh. She said that she had no idea about my hair loss – that my hair always looked so full when she saw pictures of me. The only pictures anyone sees of me are the ones I draw, so yes, I have Disney hair!

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