Sox on the Beach

Are you wearing socks at the beach? No, that's a tan line.

For heaven’s sake, I go bare-pawed. Why can’t you?

I stopped going barefoot years ago because I always seemed to step on bees. A friend convinced me to try “earthing” to try to connect to the power of the planet through contact. Well, I connected alright – with a bee. I guess it’s back to nerdy socks and shoes.


L Bowman Studios

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Pet portraits are also a loving way to pay tribute to a pet who has passed.


What happened? I got stung by a bee. Yikes. You sure can't cover that with a mask. Aagh! Call Patrick Stewart! The Klingons are coming!

I’ve been getting a lot of “Third Eye” comments lately too.

Young cairn terrier looking over his shoulder.

Don’t try to kid yourself. You always look like that.

In case you were wondering, “Qap” is Klingon for “The Bee Sting”. Believe it or not, if you go to Google Translate, you can translate words into Klingon.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

For an adventure that needs no translation, pick up a copy of Dream Our World. Inside, my two boys go on an adventure of the imagination in the art museum of their dreams.

Dream Our World is available both from my shop and from Amazon.

Where’s Robert Redford?

Trying to look on the bright side after my fall, I told myself that my enforced sedentism would allow me to catch up sewing or drawing or maybe even blog posts. Instead, the lack of adequate exercise has left me unable to focus on anything and eating way too much.

Last week I was finally able to hobble out to the garden and plant some bedding plants my folks had bought.  I had forgotten just how peaceful it can be in the garden, focusing on one small task at a time when – wham! – some stupid bee stung me.  Twice.

I got stung by a bee while working in the garden.

As always, my boys are completely unconcerned with what happened to me. Toby in particular has been miserable to deal with because he hasn’t had enough exercise.  The two of them jump on me and tip over the trash can and steal my books.  Toby has discovered the bag I have ready to go to charity.  No matter where I put it or how I secure it, he figures out a way to grab something and run.

Enjoy your naughtiness now, little puppy for one day I will be better. On that day, you’ll be in trouble…