Good News on the Headcount

We got word last week that our church attendance is good enough for the diocese to keep out parish open.  Yeah!  Of course the higher ups complained that we don’t give enough money.  (We could give infinity and it would not be enough.)


Hey, does this mean we can keep peeing on the statues?

We have sort of consolidated into a smaller group of people which makes things more personal.  It also makes you feel obligated to get involved and help out.  I’ve been doing a little of that lately.  Despite how recent posts might make it sound, I am not much of a church person, but I do like helping out.  I would help any church that needed something I could provide.

This month we are collecting for the Cradle of Love to provide support for women who have decided to keep their babies.  Although I don’t have much, I went to the store to stock up on baby supplies to bring this weekend.  Maybe I will be able to help a child have an easier start in his or her life.

In the meantime, my boys and I will enjoy meeting our friends on the grounds and patrolling for bear and coyotes.  We are really happy that we get to continue using the outside of the church for our special time.


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