Thanksgiving – This Year

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Look, I made stuffed chicken, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and...


I am so happy I could cry! I thought we'd have to suffer through more tofu again. Crunch!


What? You guys wanted some too?

Time and Toby

wait for no man.


Join my stinky two on another adventure in Dream Our WorldDream Our World follows the boys to the Museum of the Imagination where they view the world of art from a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.

Thanksgiving Again

Hey, Mommy says she is making something called "tofu" tonight. Oh no! Is it Thanksgiving again already?!?!?

Can’t get away from it, can you Geordie?


If you haven’t yet, pick up a copy of Dream Our World. Inside, my two Cairn terriers view art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

The book is comprised of pictures I’ve drawn and painted and photo elements from the neighborhood.  It is a great way to introduce youngsters to the world of art.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.

Thanksgiving – At First

Mom, it's Thanksgiving. What are we having for supper? Tonight's meal was inspired by Japanese cuisine...

Ach, not more of that health food crap! I want turkey! I want stuffing! I want mashed potatoes!!!

And people in hell want ice water. You live with me, and I have food allergies, so you'll eat what I eat.

Now, would you like some tofu with your seaweed? Yes please.


Don’t forget to check out more of Bitey and Toby’s adventures in Dream Our World.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Inside the MOTI (The Museum of the Imagination), Bitey and Toby view famous works of art from a canine perspective while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.  (Makes a great Christmas gift!  Hint hint.)

Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

Cairn terrier puppy hold his food bowl.

Am I Snoopy?  I feel like Snoopy.

Like so many in the US, Toby is eager for Thanksgiving to arrive.  He is optimistic that if he jumps quickly, he will get the contents of the table first.


Unfortunately my pups’ online lives have once again been overshadowed by my quest for a new home for my store.  There are many choices out there, but it is difficult to find an honest review of each to determine if they would fit the needs of my business.

Wix is an attractive site for those of us who want to spend time creating items to sell but who are not tech savvy.  There are extremely varying views about whether or not Wix shops are good for SEO, though.

Etsy works for many, but it is easy to get  lost in the crowd there.  I finally left several years ago because I had to spend so much time updating my shop to meet their constantly changing listing requirements.  (That and I wasn’t getting any sales.)

WordPress also offers an ecommerce package.  I have read that WP sites can have security issues, though, and that makes me reluctant to take the risk.

If I  had more  money, I would try Shopify.  It seems to get the best all-around reviews.  Sadly this change is coming on the heels of a not-stellar business year.  I am reluctant to invest that heavily on an new site when money is tight.

I have looked at even more sites, and it seems that the marketplace ones want to discourage individual branding.  The more independent sites get poor ranking with Google.  The choices are all so ugly and expensive.  There ought to be a better way to go about online marketing,

So, until I make a decision, I guess poor Bitey and Toby will have to hover by the keyboard, waiting for their turn at the computer.  Guys, I would love to turn it over to you.  If I could just figure out the lesser of the evils…



Pick up a copy of  A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy for a virtual escape into Bitey’s world over the holidays.

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