Toby’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

A Valentine's Day heart shaped box of colcolate rests next to a bottle of wine and a single red rose.


Toby, do you have something you want to tell me? No.

Toby sends a Happy Valentine’s Day wish to all those star-crossed lovers out there.  Don’t let what others say discourage you.  Follow your heart (no matter what the consequences)!

When push comes to shove,

you’ve gotta do what you love

even if it’s not a good idea! 

…to borrow a line from Futurama.

(A refresher on Toby’s ill-fated romance.)


To learn more about Toby’s first love, pick up a copy of Poopiter.

Cover of the book Poopiter

Poopiter follows Bitey and Toby during their first year together.

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Watch Out, Peppermint!


Toby and new stuffed girlfriend looking off into the distance.Isn’t this cute?  The two of them are even starting to look like each other!

Watch out, Peppermint.  Someone new is after your man.

This is Toby’s new “girlfriend”.  You may recall from Poopiter that my boy has a particular fondness for his toy peppermint.  Now, though, there is a new lady in his life.  This little gal doesn’t have a name yet, but I think she needs one.  Any suggestions?



Peppermint Ew

Humpity! Humpity! Humpity!

Hey Mommy, wanna play "Peppermint" with me?

I actually thought that I would be drawing pictures of Toby’s interest in girls by now, but this little boy still has a fondness for his toy peppermint.  People keep asking me if I have had him fixed.  Yes.  For some reason, though, he cannot seem to say no to this particular toy.  Perhaps he has a sweet tooth?

I’ve promised not to spoil his reputation with the ladies by telling about his hobby.  I just wonder….will his first girlfriend be a chocolate lab?

The Tooth Fairy



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