Sinister Owl

Uh huh! Uh uh! Eeee!! Noooooo! Help! Aaagh! Nope nope nope! Arf! Aiiii! Arf! Yipe! Yipe!

Geordie was always hyper aware of birds of prey. He could spot a hawk in a tree from a quarter mile away. Toby never seemed to pay much attention to them until my folks brought this owl decoy for the garden. When he saw it he let out such a blood curdling scream that you would have thought he was being murdered. If the little guy weren’t so afraid, it would have been funny.

I am curious if the owl will discourage Toby from trying to steal beans from the garden. So far the bunnies and the beetles don’t care. (Stupid bunnies.)


  1. Einstein, our American Stanford, caught a vulture. It took him three days of going out to its tree before dawn, lying still until it took off for whatever it does during the day until eventually it descended at which pojnt he had it…and ate it. The small was horrific.

  2. We have a very large owl in our neighborhood. I can’t believe how silent it is when it flies. I told it I will leave it alone as long as it doesn’t hurt PIppin (Pip is 20 pounds). We also have a Cooper’s hawk who nests in the neighborhood – fortunately these are very small hawks, not much bigger than a mourning dove.

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