The Blessing of the Pets


Look at me! I'm getting blessed!

Look at me!  I’m meeting the Pope (as far as I know)!

Here's my butt!

Here is my good side.  Go ahead ladies, sniff away.

Several pets at the Blessing of the Pets

Who are these other dogs trying to steal my thunder?

A few weeks ago my folks took Toby to the church for the Blessing of the Pets.  So far it hasn’t worked; he’s still Toby.

Priest with baskets of donations for local shelter.

At the ceremony, they took a collection to help a local domestic abuse shelter.  It is one of the few in the country that allows victims to bring their pets with them.  My family made a large donation of food and supplies (that aren’t shown here) in Geordie’s name.  (Geordie is still with us, but he couldn’t make it to the ceremony.)

Handmade baby gifts for a collection at church.

In addition to the pet donation, I made a blanket/hat/bootie set to donate to help young moms with new families.  (I’m not sure why I keep making baby gifts.  I mean, the babies never write, and they hardly ever remember my birthday.)

Cruel trick dribble baby bottle

Perhaps this is why.  Look at this cruel “dribble” baby bottle!  Who would do such a thing?  Babies dribble enough as it is.  They don’t need to be pranked.


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Happy Howlaween

Oh. I misunderstood.

 It’s a little early, but “Happy Howlaween” from our family to yours!


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Cover of the book Dream Our World

In Dream Our World, the boys visit the museum of their dreams and view the world of art through a canine perspective.  Through it all, they enjoy a day of unsupervised fun!

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One, Two, Toby’s Comin’ for You….

Toby dressed in a striped sweater.

The striped sweater and long claws should be a give away of Toby’s Halloween costume this year.  As you can see from his expression, he is thrilled with this opportunity to dress up.


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Cover of the book Dream Our World

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Six Pack Attack

New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.

New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.

New Friend 1

After our encounters with the cranky terrier, I changed the walking route Toby and I take each day so that we could avoid trouble.  Turns out, trouble has it in for us anyway.

Toby and I were nearly home after a beautiful early evening walk.  Our path took us through the parking lot of one of the local churches.  Normally church lots are empty on Thursday evenings, but this day some guy decided to use the lot as his own personal off-leash dog park.  His pack of spotted monsters took one look at little Toby and flew over to growl at him and bite at him and even flipped him over.  Poor Toby had no idea what to do.  He was spinning around like crazy to make sure none of the monsters could attack him from behind.

Eventually the irresponsible human came over to try to bring back his dogs.  None of them responded to his voice commands, and he resorted to yelling, hitting and kicking them.  At least one of the dogs turned and bit him.  After all that, he didn’t even utter an “I’m sorry” to us.

It is amazing how stunned you can be in a situation like that.  I don’t know if I had had Dog-B-Gone spray on hand if I would have had the presence of mind to use it.  I got Toby out of there as quickly as possible, not even thinking of getting the guy’s license plate until it we were already home.

The next day, I ran into a neighbor and told her about the attack.  Her yard abuts a different church’s property, and she said that two days before she had found a guy running his dog off leash.  She yelled at him that he had better put a leash on his pet.  From her description, I think it was the same guy that I ran into the next day.

I am so irritated by these idiots.  If you want to run your dog off leash, there is a dog park one community away.  Just take them there.  Of course, if this guy’s brood is as unfriendly to others as they were to Toby, he should keep them at home on a leash.  Maybe train them a little so that they come when called.

A few years ago I remember seeing a bra advertised that would sense if  person’s heart rate were elevated suddenly.  If so, it would notify the police.  I wonder if they have something like that in dog collars?

Black and tan brocade dog collar.


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Mommy Is Not As Important As She Thought She Was

Tree growing although it has been knocked over.

Cross section of cut trunk.

Toby says:

Today I took Mom for a walk through the park at the end of the street, but this time we approached from the opposite direction.  From this angle, Mom could see that her selfless efforts were not the driving force that shamed the township into removing the fallen tree from the park.  No, from the top of the hill you could tell that the gas company was simply clearing the area above the buried pipeline, and the tree had been in the way.  Ha!  Boy did I have a good time laughing at her perceived self-importance.

At the same time, they were doing something to the ink vine berry weed that grows rampant along the edge of the woods.  We couldn’t tell if it had been cut or sprayed or both, but there was much less of it.  Mom has mixed emotions about that.  The weeds help to keep the hillside from washing down to the road below.  On the other hand, she is allergic to the stuff, and her face swells if she touches it.  Take that, ink vine berry weed!

In the Spring, Mom had hoped to set free in the woods a little oak tree that had sprouted in the garden (as you may remember from The Airborne Oak ).  There are now two maple saplings growing happily in the garden despite being nearly devoured by bunnies.  Mom had hoped to set them free in the woods, but with all of this recent work, it doesn’t look like that would be a safe place for them either.  It would be nice if there were a quiet area for them to grow up.  They could help mitigate some of the rain forest losses from earlier this year.

Could anyone use two baby maples?  Seriously, if you pee on them now, by the time they grow up, yours will be the highest pee in the neighborhood!

Photo of dog's chin.

Just check out how high my pee could be!


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After Thursday Comes Pieday!

Aagh! Gladys!

Aaagh!  Gladys!

This turned out to be a wonderful year for pumpkin pie…not so much for pumpkins.  Mwahahaha!

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Don’t worry, Mom.  I’ll help you!

(Toby loooves pumpkin.)


Geordie Update:

Sleepy Cairn terrier after finishing his meal.

My left side looks a little funny because I have to use corn oil based eye drops, and it gets on my fur.

Geordie surprised us all again this week.  He was in such bad shape a few days ago that I thought I might have to make the type of decision for him that I didn’t want to.  It was obvious that he was sick and in pain.  Grandpa decided to get him some CBD oil to try just to see if it might help.

I gave Geordie only a quarter dose at first to make sure he didn’t have a reaction to it.  Not only didn’t he have a reaction, he demanded more oil right away.  Then he demanded food.  Then he demanded to go outside.  Then he demanded a chance to sun himself.  Wow.  Any time Geordie is bossing me around is a good day!

The woman who sold the oil said that the effects are cumulative and not to expect much right away.  This is either the second or third day that he has been taking it, and already he is demanding to go on walks.  Amazing!

Next week, I am heading out looking for some CBD oil of my own.


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Cover of the book Dream Our World

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The Supine Not-Pine and a Canine

Today Toby and I went to the woods to spread some acorns we had collected.

Hand holding acorns

Remember this guy?

Tree growing although it has been knocked over.

Look!  It seems we have finally shamed someone into doing something!

Sideways tree is gone, and only tall grass remains

The removal must have been within the past week because no one had cut the tall grass that had grown around the trunk.

Tall grass where tree trunk had blocked mowers.

Initially I thought someone had pushed the trunk into the woods like I had, but it had been hauled away.

Cross section of cut trunk.

I would have liked to have taken a picture of the part of the tree that remains in the woods to show how huge this fellow had been, but I am allergic to all of the plants that grew up around it.  Maybe later when they die back I can return.

As you can see, Toby was his typically cooperative self.

Picture of dog's shoulder.

Photo of dog's chin.

Poorly framed photo of Cairn terrier.


Geordie didn’t go with us today.  My little guy hasn’t been feeling all that well.  I can see that the heat and humidity are getting to him, as is his arthritis.  I am hoping that the cooler weather will help him to feel better, but I suspect his time with us is short.  It has already been two years since his cancer diagnosis.  He has exceeded everyone’s expectations, but I can see that he is tired.

Elderly, sleeping Cairn terrier.

Although it hurts thinking of my Geordie leaving, I find myself hoping that another pup will come along to play with Toby and me and brighten our days.  Some say that once a pup crosses the Rainbow Bridge, he or she finds the perfect new companion for the earthly family.  No one can replace you, Geordie, but if you meet someone who would have fun with us, please send them our way!


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